Wise Eye Feeders 225# Lil Nubbin Smart Feeder

Manufacturer: Wise Eye Feeders
Item Number: 104-WEF-225LN
Wise Eye Feeders 225# Lil Nubbin Smart Feeder
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this feeder is a little different. In short, it monitors the animals that come up to it using cameras. Decides what species the animal is, and then will feed it, shock it, or simply shut the doors according to your settings

The Wise Eye Feeders are the most technologically advanced feeders with their Game Smart software. This patented Species Recognition™ technology enables the system to detect and specify a variety of game animals as either targeted or non targeted species using the integrated flush mount cameras. Targeted species detection activates the system to open the sealed feed bin doors while non-targeted species keep the doors closed denying them access to the feed. This results in tremendous feed savings by allowing only the targeted species you identify to consume food from the system.

The Wi-Fi control system puts the technology and features of the entire system in your hands. You can make changes to the operating system based on individual needs. The controls allow the user to select the targeted and non-targeted species, choose feeding time, turn the shock system (optional) on/off, download time/date stamped photos of the targeted species only and much more.

The electric deterrent system (an optional feature) is controlled by the Wi-Fi system. When activated it will deliver an electrical shock of 10,000 volts to the selected non-targeted species. It is effective on all game including bears and will not only deter non-targeted game from trying to feed from the system, but also protect your investment from damage. (This feature must be installed by the manufacturer when ordered and cannot be installed by the user.)

User Installed Options Available:
  • Width: 42"
  • Height: 46.5" (add 7" for solar panel)

Warranties and Instructions
Your feeder is covered by the following parts warranty. The metal housing of the feeder is guaranteed for 20 years against rust through effecting proper operation. Door actuators are guaranteed for 5 years. Electronics are guaranteed for 2 years. WiseEye will supply replacement components free of charge during this period. Your feeder is covered by the following labor warranty. WiseEye will cover all cost of shipping and labor to replace any components found to be defective for a period of 18 months.
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