Elusive Wildlife Technologies Blind-Side-R

Manufacturer: Elusive Wildlife Technologies
Item Number: 601-EWT-BlindSideR
Elusive Wildlife Technologies Blind-Side-R
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The new "Blind Side-R" Feeder/Bait Light with built in Motion Activation will sense motion at near 180° effectively watching for game animals with you. Built around the familiar design of a trail camera, this incredibly easy to use light can be strapped to a tree, post or can be mounted with most standard trail camera mounts.

Position the "Blind Side-R" on any trail, near your feeder or over a bait pile you would like to be able to view at night. Simply open the housing and switch to AUTO MODE to activate the motion sensor. When game is detected, the illuminator is activated, lighting up an area up to 65 feet in distance. The light remains on while motion is present and after 20 seconds, with no activity, will power off conserving battery life. Want continuous illumination? Switch to ON MODE for a continuous beam of light covering your hunting area.

The "Blind Side-R" operates on four (4) D Cell batteries and will give you up to an entire season of operation (in AUTO MODE). The "Blind Side-R" includes a metal cam buckle mounting strap for easy attachment or utilize the two (2) built in 1/4 threaded brass mounting inserts for easy positioning and attachment via standard trail camera mounts. Mounts virtually anywhere with easy single switch operation. No programming, just mount and hunt.

Hunt hogs and predators when they are most active with the "Blind Side-R" Feeder/Bait Light.

Color: Green LEDs
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