Retail Price List

308-LEH-BUDDY Blind Buddy by Lehman Feeders
308-LEH-BUDDYJR Blind Buddy Jr by Lehman Feeders
308-PVF-SHELF Add on Tray/Shelf by Plastic Vacuum Forming, Inc.
308-THP-MAT Rubber Mat by Texas Hunter Products
308-TWS-55Options Options for 5x5 TWS Blinds by Texas Wildlife Supply
Shooting Shelves for 5x5
Special Order: $300.00
Sun Visors for 5x5
Special Order: $200.00
Carpet to Windows for 5x5
Special Order: $300.00
Overhead Shelves for 5x5
Special Order: $250.00

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Price list effective: 16 Dec 2017 Prices subject to change without notice.