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Special Order Only

The TreeBlind™ is made of multiple layers of high density structural foam with a hard polyurethane shell on the outside and is hand-painted with Exterior UV resistant paint. The materials used are common to movie sets and theme parks. (Until our website is revised, we are listing this blind under fiberglass, however, it is not made of fiberglass.)

"We had deer within less than 5 yards of us, downwind, that never so much as even looked our way! They never seemed to know we were there...Closest deer I've shot in a long, long time!" -'Mr. Whitetail', Larry Weishuhn

  • Bark texture window surface
  • One-way viewing
  • 6 windows for 360 degree vuews
  • Hand painted exterior
  • UV Stabilized hard surface
  • Integrated drainage system
  • Seamless construction
  • Most insulated blind on the market
  • Silent window system with magnetic latch windows
  • Accommodates two tall hunters
  • Blacked-out interior
  • Fully carpeted floor
  • Quietest blind on the market
  • Keeps your scent inside
  • Locking door with internal frame support