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Badass Auger Feeder Filler



Special Order Only

The patent-pending design offers a number of unique features. The sleek, bare-bones construction is strong yet light weight. The simple "12V motor-connected to auger" design is dependable. The Badass Auger is built of materials that are tough, durable and meant to last. The legs extend to reach taller feeders. Handles and hand-holds are everywhere to make handling easy. It is a well designed piece of professional agricultural equipment.

The Badass Auger can move any type of feed into any type of feeder. Whether you're feeding corn or pellets, the Badass will handle it quickly, smoothly and quietly. Blower-based units create dust, noise and fumes. The unique auger design of the Badass transfers feed smoothly and quietly. There is no need to mix gas and oil, carry fuel cans and wear yourself out attempting to pull-start the engine. Simply plug in the Badass and push a button. At 39 lbs, the Badass is light enough for anyone to handle. The heavy duty 12V electric motor is powerful enough to move any type of feed at amazing speed.

  • Throughput Capacity: 100 lbs. of corn (or pellets) per minute
  • Power Requirements: 12V, 20 Amp.
  • Unit Weight: 39 lbs.
  • Length: 128" assembled, 68" disassembled
  • Maximum Discharge Height: 13 feet
  • Hopper Construction: Impact Resistant HDPE
  • Power Cord/Switch Construction: Heavy duty, 20 ft, 10 ga wire, FWD/REV switch
  • Auger Construction: Polyethylene on 1/2 inch steel shaft

Other Features:

    Will not crush corn or pellets Operates quietly Assembles in minutes with no tools Works with any feed or pellets Can live in the back of a truck or ATV Includes a canvas bag to store power cord and accessories Aluminum, extendable legs with rubber feet Welded wire safety guard